Sunday, 30 April 2017

simple hills

I've long been wanting a set of simple, clean, versatile wargaming hills that I can use for lots of different games and which will tick various boxes. I want them to look a bit old school, but not totally out of place with newer figures. I want them to be unambiguous as to footprint and height for games like Kings of War. I want them to be flat topped so no minis need be placed on an incline, and so they can be stacked.

So, to this end I got hold of a cheap tabletop hot wire scroll cutter and some blue styrofoam. The cutter is this one. Having used it only once, I hesitate to give it a full review, but it did what I expected and needed it to do!

After some sanding, I took two of the hills to use as a test and applied some Homebase emulsion (shade: "Village Green"), a layer of PVA and a generous scatter of Gaugemaster GM170 static grass. I'll apply some spray varnish when I'm certain everything is totally dry. I think I'm pretty happy with the result, and will finish the set.

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